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Signature Signed On The Right Side Of The Page

  • The right side of the page relates to the future of the writer.
  • If the writer signs on the right side of the page, the writer is a risk-taker and his/her approach to life is 'Let's do it. To be cautious is not my cup of tea. I am ready to take on risk'
  • A chance of becoming successful is high.
  • Risk-taking can also lead to losses. This writer should take careful steps in life.
  • It also means the writer's forward-thinking in regard to one's public self-image. The writer wants to move forward at a faster pace than others. He/She is ready to take the risk in investments, business and in other aspects of life.

Signature Signed On The Extreme Right Side Of The Page

  • This writer is a very risky person when it comes to making decisions. He/She will be ready to jump on an opportunity which is quite risky in terms of investment but the opportunity, if worked, will give multi-fold returns.
  • In life too, this writer will take extreme decisions which others might not want to take.
  • Risk-taking nature of this writer will either pull him/her to the top or push him/her to the bottom.

Signature Signed In Middle Of The Page

  • The writer is a calculative risk taker in life.
  • The writer is an attention seeker by nature.
  • A show of importance.

Signature Signed On The Left Side Of The Page

  • Nowadays the format of letter writing especially in the business world is changing. Of late, business and even friendly letters are written on the left, including the addresses, dates, and signatures. In this case, if a person places his/her signature on the left, it simply means that the person is following some standard form of writing prevalent now.
  • Otherwise, if one prefers to place his/her signature to the left without following a formal standard, then it is a sign of self-doubt and insecurity about one’s self-image.
  • Not a Risk Taker
  • Success Rate is less as compared to the person signing to the right.
  • Whenever one clings to the left, the person is apprehensive about the future and thus clings to the past and the familiar. This also means that one has feelings of doubt and insecurity about one’s abilities in public.

Signature Signed On The Extreme Left Side Of The Page

  • Same as the above. Extreme Left Side only increases the intensity of the points mentioned above. (Please refer 'SIGNATURE SIGNED ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE PAGE'.