Global Self Study

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Full Lips (Both lips are large & full)

  • Emotionally expressive.
  • Good sense of humour.
  • Sensuous.
  • Physically demonstrative.
  • Good appetite for food and sex.
  • Immaturity.
  • Want to be different from other people.
  • Attention seekers.

Full Lower Lips (Lower lip is definitely larger than upper one)

  • Persuasive. Can convince others of their point of view.
  • Good in communicating their thoughts (mind).
  • Focused on the outcome.
  • Good Business mind.
  • The challenge for them is to connect and express their feelings(heart).

Full Upper Lips (Upper lip is definitely larger than lower one

  • Outspoken.
  • Expresses feelings verbally.
  • Direct and Sarcastic sometimes.
  • Daring and Courageous.
  • Fighters with 'Never say Die' attitude.
  • Suspicious in nature.
  • High Sex Drive.
  • Very Ambitious in nature.

Thin Lips (In extreme cases, no lips show, only a thin line)

  • Cool by nature.
  • Mistrust flattery.
  • Don't trust easily.
  • Guard their opinions and feelings.
  • In childhood, they were either criticised or not sufficiently praised.
  • They live more within themselves.
  • They need to learn to express their feelings and emotions.
  • If not, they will end up suffering and can get deeply depressed.
  • Thin Lips + Wide Mouth combination can be good communicators with a wry sense of humour.