Global Self Study

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Thick Eyebrows (Thick, full eyebrow hairs)

  • Non-stop thinkers.
  • Mentally active.
  • Powerful intellect.
  • Sometimes the mind gets many ideas.
  • Difficulty sleeping.
  • Tell such an individual to try meditation.

Thin Eyebrows

  • Very Sensitive to criticism.
  • Moody.
  • Overly concerned with the opinion of others.
  • Single-minded, focusing on one thing at a time.
  • Sometimes such individuals feel overly self-conscious.

Straight Eyebrows (No curve or angle)

  • Logical Approach to work.
  • Needs facts.
  • Need technical details in work.
  • Mentally strong and evaluates the hard facts.
  • Doesn't let the emotions affect the judgment.

Curved Eyebrows (Smooth curve)

  • People-oriented.
  • Connects and relates on a personal level very well.
  • Emotional.
  • Understands feelings.

Angled Eyebrows (Definite up and down)

  • Desire to dominate others.
  • Want to be right.
  • Fear of being wrong.
  • Fear of Trusting others. 
  • Evaluates carefully.

High Set Eyebrows (More space between the eyes and the eyebrows)

  • Selective and Choosy about people and things.
  • Wait and see approach.
  • Need time to observe and think before taking any action.
  • They store information with an emotional touch.
  • The emotional touch allows them to recall the incident with greater clarity.
  • Cannot be hurried along.
  • Doesn't like making quick judgments. They feel they will go wrong if they hurry.
  • Can lose opportunities if the opportunity requires an immediate yes or a no.

Low Set Eyebrows (No space between the eyes and the eyebrows)

  • Mentally quick.
  • Do it now approach to work.
  • Interrupts others to express self.
  • Quick to take action.
  • Wants to get the job done.
  • Can not take criticism.
  • The challenge is to develop patience if the other person is not as quick as they are.

Winged Eyebrows (Thick at beginning, becoming thinner at ends)

  • Dislikes details.
  • Starts the work with great enthusiasm but ends or follows up with less enthusiasm.
  • Sees the big picture. Visionary.
  • Good as Planners. 
  • They should plan and delegate the work to others.
  • People with winged eyebrows get bored after initiating the work.
  • Their challenge is with the follow-through. 

Managerial Eyebrows (Thin at beginning, thick at outer edges)

  • Mentally organized.
  • Good with any follow-through.
  • Sometimes slow to start a new work.
  • Once a task is accepted, a great follow-through will be seen.
  • Well-Organized and Methodical.

Even Hair (Same thickness throughout the length of the eyebrows)

  • The flow of thoughts in their mind is even.
  • They can see the complete picture of a situation very well.
  • They can be attentive to details and can keep a follow-through very well.
  • They are mentally quick and hate people who are slow in talk or work.
  • Their challenge is developing a tolerance for other people's difficulty with details.

Continuous Eyebrows (Both eyebrows connected)

  • The mind never stops.
  • Difficulty relaxing.
  • Thoughts are continuous and restless.
  • Trouble sleeping at night.
  • Advice such people to try meditation.