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A Dot After The Signature

  • It is a big myth that a dot after the Signature stops you from growth.
  • In reality, these people work on self-made principles.
  • They cannot trust others easily.
  • They have a tendency to doubt others and their work.
  • They don't like to discuss anymore after they have said their final words.
  • These writers usually tend to recheck everything they do.

Two Dots Below The Signature

  • They will be smart in people gatherings and socializing.
  • These writers will show a friendly attitude.
  • These writers will show you an approachable nature.

Dots Between The Names Or Their Initials

  • The dots act like a wall. It is usually considered negative but before you consider it negative or a wrong thing, kindly see what it means in reality.
  • When the writer places the dots, he/she is subconsciously saying the family members that he/she needs his/her own space and that the writer is not ready to share all the aspects of life with the other family members with complete clarity.
  • It also means to mind your business and to not poke nose in my work.
  • These dots usually crop up from the writer's subconscious mind showing a need for personal space and to get the work done without any discussion or argument with anyone else.
  • Now, after reading this, it is up to the writer to decide whether he still wants the dots or no.

Three Dots Below Or After The Signature

  • The third dot has no significance while analyzing the signature.
  • It simples adds playfulness to the writer's nature.
  • It also shows immaturity at times.
  • This writer can waste him/her time on unnecessary things which are less or of no importance at all.
  • Help such a writer by suggesting him/her drop one dot and simply stick to two dots below or one after the signature.