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Destiny Number 1

Characteristics of Destiny Number 1
People with Destiny Number 1 are materialistic, logical and intelligent. They are clever, often smiling and attractive. A person with Destiny Number 1 is independent and determined. Such a person is responsible towards their family. They always stand by their decisions. They will always keep their promises and try to stand by the things they say or claim. They are caring and generous towards others. Such people also respect the sentiments of other people. They avoid exploiting anyone. They are usually successful in life but can easily be harmed. Destiny Number 1 is influenced by the Sun.
A person with Destiny Number 1 is good at saving money and has a tendency to work within a budget. Such a person also finds opportunities to save a lot of money. A person with Destiny Number 1 is a born leader. Such a person works according to his or her principles and is very disciplined. They always want to finish the work they have started. They are very effective in whatever they do. They earn respect in society and are successful because of their skills, talent and intelligence. Such people are romantic and love their partners. Hence, their relationships are usually successful and long lasting.
People with Destiny Number 1 should be careful about some things. Such people have qualities of a leader but need to control themselves; they are disciplined but should not dominate others as this could possibly make enemies for them. They should be passionate about their work but they should not give orders to other people and should control their inner anger. They often tend to get jealous if they are not doing well in their life. They have to overcome this habit in order to grow spiritually and peacefully in life.
Strengths and weaknesses of people with Destiny Number 1
This number shows that the person has natural, inbuilt leadership qualities and is destined to be a leader. Because of this, the person should train him or herself to be innovative, determined and bold with self-confidence and with self-control. They should strive not be domineering, selfish, bossy, and arrogant or bullying. They should have the ability to independently think for themselves as to what is right and act accordingly, thus they will pave their own way to lead others into what they see as the right path. A leader should be able to recognize any approaching problem and learn how to avoid pitfalls to find a safe path.

Destiny Number 2

Characteristics of Destiny Number 2
Destiny Number 2 holds a significant place in Numerology. This is the number of patience. Destiny Number 2 denotes a person with many qualities including generosity, skill, talent and intelligence. A person with a Destiny Number of 2 is very emotional. He or she can change their mind quite often. Such a person is also caring and generous. Some people may consider you weak because of these characteristics. A person with Destiny Number 2 is skilled and shows his talent whenever it is required. Destiny Number 2 is influenced by the Moon.
People with Destiny Number 2 are able to bind others together and can get their work done through others. They can easily solve difficult problems and can face difficult situations. They are also compassionate towards others. Such people are always at peace as Destiny Number 2 is influenced by the Moon. However should the occasion demand it, they can also be aggressive. They are always compassionate and this shows through their work. But they often dislike doing the same kind of work for a long time. Due to this, they may change their profession relatively frequently.
A person with Destiny Number 2 can be seen taking money from other people quite frequently. Such a person also spends lavishly from time to time. A person with Destiny Number 2 should never invest in something by themselves. They should always invest in a partnership with an associate.
People with Destiny Number 2 are very spiritual. Such people have leadership qualities and are inspirational. Such people can be successful as teachers, social activists, philosophers or advisors. These people are polite and understanding. Such a person always works according to their principles and don’t cheat others.
They are totally devoted towards their work in whatever field they are in, however continuity is always a problem for them; they need lot of motivation in life to continue a particular task for an extended period. They are also compassionate towards those around them in their working and social environment. They have strong insight. Such people are quite dependent on others and do well in a partnership.
A person with Destiny Number 2 can be extremely passionate. They can be hurt very easily due to this characteristic. They can also be shy and unsure of themselves. They do not share their feelings easily. A person with Destiny Number 2 can also be cunning and clever if they fall in with the wrong company or in a negative environment.
Strengths and weaknesses of people with Destiny Number 2
People with Number 2 as their Destiny Number have diplomatic capabilities. They make good peacemakers, because they possess the necessary skills for this situation being both tactful and persuasive. They should train themselves to be peaceful, loving, kind, considerate, patient, gentle and understanding. They should avoid being overly sensitive or easily carried away by another's emotions, talk or behavior. They also need to learn to take charge over their tendency towards moodiness and indecisiveness. They must learn how to help others by resolving their quarrels and differences even if they really do not wish to do so. This is the right path of self-fulfillment.

Destiny Number 3

Characteristics of Destiny Number 3
A person with Destiny Number of 3 is a decision maker, religious, spiritual and philosophical. This person is usually calm and composed. They are usually very creative. People with Destiny Number 3 are mostly happy, satisfied and do not worry about anything. Such people live a simple life. They often inspire others to live a life like this.
These people are very responsible towards their work. They face difficulties and always try to overcome them wherever possible. They act as mediators between two opposing parties and always try to take fair and just decisions.
A person with Destiny Number 3 is usually intelligent. They are capable of facing any kinds of difficulties in life with ease. This is a person who knows their responsibilities towards society and fulfils them with dedication. They are also optimistic in outlook and are positive and excited about everything in life.
Such people are very ambitious. They achieve success in business related activities. They do not like isolation or peace and hence are always involved with one thing or another. Destiny Number 3 is influenced by Jupiter.
A person with Destiny Number 3 can excel in artistic fields like writing, singing, acting, and enjoy teaching. Such a person can also be a good salesperson. They are usually imaginative.
A person with Destiny Number 3 can makes a very good friend due to their innate ability to build strong relationships. They are therefore likely to be popular with a large circle of friends and acquaintances.
People with Destiny Number 3 should avoid speaking too much. They should also be on their guard against being rude and arrogant after promotion to higher levels in an organization. It is easy for Destiny Number 3s to develop pride because of their skills. But they are capable of great generosity and have a caring nature; they cannot bear to see other people suffering. In social activities, they can be very successful if they allow themselves to get involved.
Strengths and weaknesses of people with Destiny Number 3
A possessor of number 3 as the Destiny Number excels in creating and maintaining relationships. They are optimistic, cheerful, confident, and sociable. They can be a great asset to those who have lost their zest for life by teaching them to live life to the fullest with joy and laughter. This can be done by example through one's own lifestyle and by being articulate and creative in bringing others to what is right thus enabling them to enjoy the only life they have on earth.

Destiny Number 4

Characteristics of Destiny Number 4
A person with the Destiny Number of 4 is skilled and talented. They can adjust to situations easily, because they comfortably embrace change. Such a person will achieve success through their hard work in any field. People with Destiny Number 4 can be manipulative and argumentative. They can easily dominate anyone through their arguments. They are short tempered but can be easily calmed. Hence, they also have a few enemies. Destiny number 4 is influenced by Rahu.
People with Destiny Number 4 work slowly but are methodical and very determined. They can sometimes lose their focus which can create a lot of problems. Thus they should try to not lose their focus but to remain attentive and to create their own plan to help them stay on track.
People with Destiny Number 4 are usually calm, composed and patient. They do not get angry over small annoyances however they tend to lose their temper if they are hurt by a close person in their life.
People with Destiny Number 4 can be successful in construction, engineering and sculpting. They are inclined towards the more technical aspects of creativity and work. Destiny Number 4 can also be related to art, music, doctors and surgeons. People with Destiny Number 4 are also inclined towards strategic work.
This type of person will often meet unexpected reversals of fortune in his life, but will persevere. A person with Destiny Number 4 is never content with success and keeps pushing him or herself to achieve more and to get involved with new things. A person with Destiny Number 4 can work for the betterment of the society. Such a person is optimistic, clear-thinking, responsible and stable. They are honest, loyal and serious.
However they should not find fault or criticize anyone but always seek to focus on the good points of others. This will help them earn respect from others. Such a person should try and save money too. This is because they like to spend their hard earned money lavishly. They should also be careful of strangers and not trust anyone too easily.
Strengths and weaknesses of people with Destiny Number 4
With Number 4 as the Destiny Number, the individual has great potential for all kinds of managerial work. They have powerful capabilities to manage big organizations. They can take responsibilities on themselves, and fulfill them with precision. They are very practical people and find satisfaction in organizing important events, meetings, matters which are impactful and momentous. They should learn to be methodical, serious, studious, disciplined, loyal, honest and practical so that others can trust them to get things done in a proper manner. They should avoid being too rigid, stubborn, boring, melancholy and not give in to a fear of change as this is where they will thrive.

Destiny Number 5

Characteristics of Destiny Number 5
People belonging to Destiny Number 5 are free spirits. They like constant change and prefer to live an independent life. They don’t like getting involved in commitments and obligations. They like to live their life as free as a bird. But it is important for them to use their independence in the right direction and should work towards increasing their skills and abilities. Destiny Number 5 is influenced by Mercury.
People with Destiny Number 5 are very simple and possess a serving nature. They are prone to bringing about change and like to get involved in many various tasks. They get easily excited and impatient. They do not like getting stuck with one task for a long time. Due to this nature, they often change direction in business, not just the jobs but also the location, with frequent and urgent need for new vistas.
They make special efforts to make others happy and their kindness can often be misinterpreted by others. These people are extremely generous in nature. They take the trouble to try to help their peers.
People with Destiny Number 5 begin every work with enthusiasm, but fail to carry it through with the same dedication over a longer period of time. It is impossible to create any perception about these people, as they tend to change their thoughts and personality frequently, and often surprise their friends and associates.
They surrender everything to their loved ones. But on the negative side, they could possess a desire for vengeful destruction in the lives of those who let them down in life. They have an amazing ability of multitasking and versatility.
People with Destiny Number 5 desire to undertake huge projects. Their schemes are often comprehensive, wide-ranging and high in level. They are very fond of travelling and find success through it.
They love their friends and easily attract everyone by their polite nature. There are certain faults or weaknesses seen in people belonging to Destiny Number 5. They need to be careful to seek balance and to remain in charge of their negative tendencies. They often desire changes in their life in one way or another. They have a habit of leaving duties or work unaccomplished due to reluctance to put in the required time and effort. They are prone to addictions and bad company.
These people are inclined towards a high end society. They should try and apply their intelligence in productive work that could benefit them in the long run. Try to avoid too much stress; else, you may suffer health problems in later life.
Strengths and weaknesses of people with Destiny Number 5
This Destiny Number is possessed by those who love to have change in their lives. They do not tolerate a stagnating or mundane lifestyle. They find fulfillment in having freedom. They love traveling, adventure and challenges in life. Such a person, therefore, should learn to bring change in his lifestyle by changing whatever is influencing their familiar, sedentary life. They must ensure not to blindly rush into change, instead to keep alert for any good opportunity to show up for the desired change. They should learn to be enthusiastic and adaptable, without being over-indulgent, indifferent, vulgar, irritable or wasteful.

Destiny Number 6

Characteristics of Destiny Number 6
A person with a Destiny Number of 6 is full of confidence and is very intelligent. Such people can be good thinkers. They are caring and act as protectors. Such people are always eager to help others. They are thoughtful and can act as good advisors for those who have problems. They love to act as mediators whenever there is an argument between two people.
People with Destiny Number 6 are usually creative and hence can be seen involved in various creative fields. They often achieve distinction in such fields. Such people are influenced by Venus and hence are attracted towards the opposite gender. They are interested in good grooming and have an interest in artistic subjects.
A person with Destiny Number 6 is very responsible towards his work. He is also a good administrator. Such a person is usually very successful in life. They are very clever with words. Due to this, they are quite famous among other people. People are not easily able to forget what they say. They do not like laziness and always want to finish their work on time. Such people have an attractive personality to those around them.
However they should not be overly trusting of other people. They spend a lot of money and often find it difficult to accumulate savings. They should control this behavior and should try to develop financial investment in their own future. They also get distracted very easily. They should follow certain principles in order to achieve success. They should also learn to control their excitement.
Strengths and weaknesses of people with Destiny Number 6
The possessor of this Destiny Number is affectionate and homely with humanitarian capabilities. He or she is always eager to reach out to those who are unhappy, weak or facing adversity in their lives. They will lift up the less fortunate from their fate and enable them to find happiness and fulfillment in their lives. The Destiny Number 6 person should, therefore, learn to be dependable, kind and friendly towards others. They should not be obstinate, irresponsible, unyielding or slow in taking decisions. They can aid others who are not able to seek help on their own but should not interfere in other people’s affairs unless asked.

Destiny Number 7

Characteristics of Destiny Number 7
Destiny Number 7 is an important Destiny Number. This is also known as a Mysterious Number. A person with Destiny Number 7 is usually straightforward, talented and exclusive. Such a person can always be seen as standing out from the crowd and is an influencer of others. Such people want to leave a mark everywhere and in whatever they do. They understand every situation in the appropriate way and constantly analyze things and mull them over in their mind and thus seem to be somewhat mysterious at times.
A person with Destiny Number 7 is a good decision maker. Such a person always works for their own benefits and profits. They are attentive and intelligent. A person with a Destiny Number 7 is happy even if they are alone. This is also someone who always weighs the pros and cons before taking on a new commitment. Hence, they usually find success in whatever they do.
They are always inclined towards mysterious activities. They have their own point of view towards life. Such people are not interested in mixing religion with any other thing. They may even try to develop different religions with their own approach. A person with a Destiny Number 7 is usually different from others. They need isolation to develop and grow their knowledge. Such people have very few friends and do not socialize a lot due to their introverted and reserved nature.
A person with a Destiny Number 7 does not want other people to interfere in their personal matters. They may be reluctant to take anyone’s advice about the best way to do something. They want to finish off their work on own. They are complex and are not easy to understand. They are independent and hate to feel dependent on others for finance and other social matters. Such people do not follow any certain principles and have a tendency to break laws if they feel that they are being suppressed.
A person with a Destiny Number 7 does not trust anyone too easily. Such a person is often very reserved and introverted which can cause problems. They are also prone to being very emotional. Sometimes they are over-excited and full of energy. Hence they easily do work without thinking about the results.
Strengths and weaknesses of people with Destiny Number 7
The Number 7 in Destiny Numbers means someone having teaching capabilities. They are a thinker and learner of new things. This person should teach herself or himself to be original, analytical, independent, professional and truthful. They should not be pessimistic, skeptical, aloof, nervous and afraid, and should try to avoid finding fault with others. They do well by participating in pioneering exploration of fields of knowledge such as science, mysteries and discoveries.

Destiny Number 8

Characteristics of Destiny Number 8
A person with a Destiny Number of 8 is unusual. It is usually difficult to understand such a person. Most people do not like such a person due to misunderstandings caused between them. But once you have known a Destiny Number 8 person for a long time, you will learn an appreciation for the great value of this Destiny Number. Such a person is realistic and does not show off. They have an introvert nature. Such a person is always very responsible because of their realistic nature.
The life of a person with Destiny Number 8 is influenced by Saturn. Such a person is very energetic in whatever they do. They complete tasks that they take in hand. A person with Destiny Number 8 struggles throughout his or her life. But, they will achieve success through hard work and strength. Such a person is always dedicated towards his work.
A person with Destiny Number 8 is very responsible and emotional. They receive a lot of respect from people because of their nature. A person with Destiny Number 8 is dependable, straightforward and dedicated. Such a person can sacrifice anything in order to fulfill their wishes. A person with Destiny Number 8 is fortunate but struggles a lot in life. Number 8s tend to be reserved in conversation with others. They can achieve success in fields related to vocational or sociological areas such as politics, social service, or teaching.
A person with Destiny Number 8 is usually very ambitious and wants to be respected. Such a person wants to succeed in life at a fast rate. They can sometimes use the wrong means in order to achieve success. They are very particular about everything.
A person with Destiny Number 8 should not trust others too easily. Though they face many ups and downs in life, they never lose hope and should always keep trying hard in order to succeed. They can sometimes be very stubborn and rude thus they should seek to keep their arrogance in control.
Strengths and weaknesses of people with Destiny Number 8
Destiny Number 8 belongs to people who desire respect from others and are very ambitious in their lives. Such a person makes it his or her aim to accomplish great things and achieve outstanding success in life. They should learn to be self-controlled, diligent, determined to be successful in whatever they do, persevering, hard-working and philosophical. They should set goals and strive to achieve them through diligence. Financial gains will follow them but they should not make that their aim. They should avoid being oppressive, bullying or authoritative, and not have a hunger for power, fame, money or material gains.

Destiny Number 9

Characteristics of Destiny Number 9
People with a Destiny Number of 9 have a great ability to lead people and organizations. They are highly dedicated in life. These people are very generous at heart and cannot hold themselves back from helping others. Due to this quality, they are very popular and have lot of friends. They share a strong bond with their friends and in response to it, their friends cannot stay away from them. But people belonging to Destiny Number 9 can be very aggressive but are also equally courageous. They are often risk-takers. They are colorful in life and are fond of luxury.
They always desire to excel in life and work hard to achieve position and success. They believe in accomplishing their tasks on time and try to fulfill their responsibility properly which leads them to a successful life. People with Destiny Number 9 are inclined towards beautiful things. They like decorating their surroundings. They achieve high positions and are respected on the basis of their efforts and hard work. They are not scared of any obstacles and will tackle them with great courage. People belonging to Destiny Number 9 may have to face problems in life due to their short temper. Thus, they are advised to learn to control their anger and react in a calm manner.
They have an independent way of thinking and do not like to be dependent on anyone for their work. Due to this, others sometimes may think that they are egotistical in nature. Destiny Number 9 people like to live a luxurious life even when they do not have many resources to fulfill their desires. They should strictly avoid getting involved in gossip. People with Destiny Number 9 struggle to face criticism and often get upset when criticized. They are always ready to prove themselves superior to others, which may lead to others getting angry with them. Destiny Number 9s are advised to work on this negative character trait. Such people are very talented and not many people are able to justify themselves in front of them.
Strengths and weaknesses of people with Destiny Number 9
The Destiny Number 9 possessor has great enthusiasm for life. They bring beauty and perfection into their own life and into the lives of others. Thus they should contribute to charity and art. Such a person should be of a peaceful mind, kind, generous, forgiving and compassionate at heart, an inspiration to others, strong-willed, artistic, energetic and humane. They should teach themselves not to be narrow-minded or adopt a narrow outlook to life. Avoid being overly emotional, impulsive, hasty in losing their temper, bitter in speech and behavior, a bad influence and should not be quick to pick or get involved in fights.